Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Harder Steenbeck Infinity

After reading some very short reviews I bought two Harder Steenbeck Two in One Infinity brushes. (258$ each.

I also got a set of attachments, and different sized nozzles and needles for each brush. I got 4 additional needle sets (48$ each), 2 mini cups (6.60$ each), 2 fine pressure controls (30$ each), sealing kits (8$ each), 15ml cups (20$ each), 5ml lids (5$ each), 2ml lids (5$ each), 15ml lids (7$ each), side connector sets (25$ each), and 50ml cups (17$ each).

In the photo, the top left is the stuff that comes in the generic set, and everything else shows all the attachments as well as a semi disassembled brush.

What was neat to me was that the cups can be removed.  You can see in one of the photos the threads where you screw the different containers in.  This removes the need to have all sorts of different brushes just because you want to put in a different amount of product. 

Another neat thing is that the nozzles are not screwed onto the brush itself.  It sits in a nozzle cap which is then attached to the brush.  As long as you have long enough fingernails you can remove the nozzle and easily flush it with a wash bottle.  This is similar to the Iwata eclipse which also has a drop in nozzle.  Fast, although messy clean up.

The little weird bullet shaped item is the air pressure control.  I don't think it works as well as the external mac valve from iwata (which I also bought but will review later).  It says it goes from 80-20%, but I feel like the gradient is not gradual at all, there is a point where there is a major drop off in air. 

Overall I think the spray pattern is wonderfully fine, however the tip dries up often (clogs).  Another annoyance is that the nozzle cap is easily knocked while putting the brush tip into a cleaning pot, loosening the cap just enough to upset the nozzle and cause a massive blowback up through the cup.  This has happened to me on more than one occasion (messy!), but short of using pliers there is no way to fully tighten the nozzle cap on.

The two pronged crown cap, while neat, prevents me from back bubbling in the cup, which I do sometimes to mix colors if I do not pre-mix it in a jar.  I also feel like it doesn't quite protect the needle as much as I would like.

A good property of the HS is that at low PSI the brush continues to work well (<10 psi).  I bought some tanning solution (which is very very watery) and attempted to spray it with my iwata hi-line with a 0.2 nozzle using my sparmax dac-25.  The spray invariably produced little spatter marks.  Not so with the HS.  Using the exact same compressor/hose and formula the HS produced a fine even continuous mist.  However, at higher PSI, both brushes work about the same.

Overall, I am pleased with the HS airbrush, and the plethora of attachments makes it fun.  It also looks neat.  It's a very versatile brush.

However for makeup, I am not sure that it is my favorite brush yet, but I will definitely carry it in my kit, especially if I ever work up the courage to actually spray the tanning stuff on myself (which should warrant a review at a later date).  I ordered a custom micron but they sent me the wrong item and I had to return it.  I'd like to review the custom micron in comparison to this one soon, as most of the reviews I've read online pitch these two together.

Also where the photo says 0.18 it should say 0.15! I'm all confused today! Sorry!

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