Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cream Foundation Palette

A while ago (ok, like a year ago T.T since I've sort of abandoned my blog since last summer), I found a way to store a palette of my cream foundations that makes them easy to see and use.  It fits easily on the makeup shelf which sits directly behind my desk.  The full size containers sit in organizers which are placed in huge plastic bins of makeup in my bathroom which preclude them from ever getting used...

It is...a watercolor paint box!

I got this Alvin Heritage Paint Palette for about 25$ online.  It is meant to store mixed paint, and has a little rubber gasket type seal around the edge, designed to keep the paint from drying out. 

It has two removable trays, one has wells and the other can be used for mixing.

I taped a little sheet of paper behind the mixing tray to chart out what color is what.  There's a little notch in the mixing tray to make it easy to lift.  One down side is that when opening, sometimes the mixing try stays on top of the wells instead of lifting up with the lid, meaning I have to drop it back in after opening.  This is almost a non-issue for me, but I suppose it could be an option to either tape it down, or remove it altogether.

A point worth of note is that the tray with wells does not fit in the lid area, so you cannot buy two and double up with two trays of wells in the same box.

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