Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Givenchy Prisme Again Eyes #2 Brown Caress

I picked up the Givenchy Prisme Again Eyeshadow in #2 Brown Caress from Sephora (50$).

Overall, I don't particularly like this eyeshadow formula.  The colors are quite faint and hard to get up onto the brush. The colors are also not particularly hard to replicate.  The formula is also somewhat dry/chalky.

I have two palettes which are somewhat similar to this one in color.

Dior Crush Glow 659 (58$ www.sephora.com)
Clinique 102 Spicy (25$ www.sephora.com)

There are some things I do like about the eyeshadow.  One thing I really really like about the Givenchy eyeshadow is the size.  The container is very small, meaning it takes up very little space in my purse kit. I would otherwise not carry eyeshadow, or would carry only a single shade. 

A benefit of the soft color is that it is very forgiving.  Applying the eyeshadow in dim lighting on the plane, or in a moving car might produce terrible results with a dark/bold eyeshadow, but with the soft neutral colors and soft application of the Givenchy shadows, it is possible to get away with a messy application.

There are three applicators which sit below the eyeshadow pans which tilt up, including a convenient little fine tip smudger.

Personally, I think this eyeshadow is a good candidate for a condensed makeup kit, but would otherwise not use it.

I swatched the eyeshadows I mentioned here, all of them over a base of Urban Decay Primer Potion.

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