Monday, May 17, 2010

Diorshow Extase (photo compared to Dior Unlimited)

I picked up Diorshow Extase Mascara at Sephora the other day (28$).

The Extase formula is extremely wet, even compared to my other dior mascaras which I would consider somewhat wet.  The brush is quite large and has four distinct bulges/rounded areas. 

It's very thick, but my lashes still feel quite soft and touchable.  It does not seem prone to flaking.

The color does not seem quite as black as my Dior Unlimited, it's more of a soft charcoal dark grey.

It's very easy to coat the ends of my lashes but I find it difficult to reach the base of my lashes with the bulgy brush, and with the amount of mascara that clumps up at the tip, I find it near impossible to cleanly get my lower lashes.

Overall, I still prefer my Diorshow Unlimited over this, however I will use it as a top coat over my upper lashes if I want thicker lashes.

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