Monday, March 2, 2009

Airbrush Foundation

I've tried Temptu S/B foundation, Temptu Aqua Foundation (, OCC Skin Foundation (, Dinar Glamour colors (, and Graftobian Glamour Airbrush foundations (

Temptu S/B is a silicone based makeup, and I have to say, I don't like it. The deal breaker is the fact that it's so hard to clean! It gets everywhere, and it's not washable with soap and water, so you have to use solvents to clean it. It reminds me of organic chemistry lab, and needing to use ether to get certain compounds off of stuff. You need to use special airbrush cleaner to flush the color out. If you intend to use silicone and water based make up, I highly highly recommend you use two seperate brushes, and never ever mix the two. Apparently if you use alcohol it gums up. I didn't try.

Not considering the cleanup issue, the S/B does produce a a very dewy (bordering on oily) look. I don't really like it that much, but if you really want a soft focus effect, it does work well for that. Color selection is not so good unless you are into adjusting your own foundation with adjusters. The colors are kinda spattered all over the place, its hard to find a match, or even a place to start while adjusting. It's fairly water resistant, given that it's totally insoluble in water :P It does come off with oil however.

OOC skin is pretty friendly, and they have a rather simplistic color system. Cool/Warm and Dark to Light. My only gripe is that the foundation has NO water resistance at all. A single drop of water to your face, and it immediately dissolves into that drop of water, dry if off and now you have a perfect circle of clean skin :P Easy to clean, but too fragile for me. I bought the OCC ink sealer as well, but it doesn't do much for me.

Temptu Aqua is thicker in consistency and application is very nice, its a teeny tiny bit water resistant... but for the life of me, I cannot find a color that is not really rusty/ruddy! Booooo! Makes a really nice bronzer though, my favorite in fact. The coverage is more sheer.

Dinar also has the strange random spattering color selection going on. The makeup is very thin in consistency and covers very well. It also stays well when you don't use lotion or sunblock underneath it, which I'm not really willing to do. Decent makeup, but the website is ~crappy~ imho :P The makeup is really thin in consistency, and has good coverage, so it comes out of the brush with an ultra fine spray, so blush and contour colors are really hard to apply without making a red splotch :(

Graftobian has the largest color selection of the lot. By FAR. It also has a sensible color scheme, warm, neutral, cool, and lots of in between colors as well. The coverage is moderate, and tends to look a little bit maskish when used for full coverage. It makes a kind of ultra thin plasticy layer on the skin which is not elastic like skin, so when you smile, it crinkles up. It suffers from the same blush/contour problems as Dinar. Decently water resistant.

For now, my favorite is Graftobian (because it actually makes one that matches my skin color), with Temptu Aqua for bronzer/shading and blush. I also have the Graftobian color adjusters, which it is possible to mix colors from, but it's probably too much work considering they already have so many colors to choose from.

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