Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge

I bought the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge from target for 10$.

It comes in a smaller plastic canister than the Beauty Blender, and it has a more customized holding insert. The Beauty Blender Sponge is just wedged into a cut out, and you must push the Beauty Blender out instead of pull, to avoid scratching it with the plastic. The Sonia Kashuk sponge sits in a molded plastic cavity.

While dry, the Sonia Kashuk sponge is larger, however it does not really gain size while wet, and so when both are wet, is it significantly smaller.

The Sonia Kashuk sponge is also much more dense than the Beauty Blender, particularly so while both are wet. The Sonia Kashuk sponge has a small "waist" in the center, otherwise the shapes are very much the same.

Personally, I prefer the Sonia Kashuk sponge because I use sponges primarily for blending in my concealer, for which I prefer a more firm sponge which allows me more exact control, especially in the inner lower corner of my eyes. The Beauty Blender does better for applying full face foundation due to it's large size while wet.

Washing the Sonia Kashuk sponge was easy, it did not bleed any colors, and exhibited no smell. The Beauty Blender had a light smell when I first washed it. I didn't read anything on the packaging to indicate the Sonia Kashuk sponge has any antimicrobial treatment, so no comment there. It does indicate that is it a non-latex sponge.

Regardless of price, I prefer the Sonia Kashuk sponge because I prefer the higher density and the fine control it affords me while using the smaller tip. While wet, the Beauty Blender gets quite soft and squishy. The cheaper price is a perk as well, but in the grand scheme of things, the price difference is not really that much.

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killingxspree said...

I have the beauty blender.
I don't like it at all though.
I cant get past the wet stage. It just doesnt work with any foundation i put on. It feels like the water and any foundation dry my skin out even further (i have dry normal skin) and it feels flakey/cakey.
Is sooo frustrating.
I think i might try it with my oil moisturizer but im afraid of ruining the sponge. Im trying to avoid silicone products, due to health/safety issues.
Am i doing something wrong?