Monday, March 2, 2009


After getting a compressor, I bought a few airbrushes to see if it made any difference.

I bought an Iwata Revolution BR, Iwata Hp Hi-Line BH, Iwata Hp Hi-line CH, and a Iwata Eclipse CS.

The Hi-lines come with this little adjuster knob right under the tip to control airflow. It's useful in theory, but I don't really use it, because it's a little small. The BH comes with a 0.2 nozzle, and the CH 0.3 I think. I prefer the smaller cup of the BH, it's easier to clean. The back of the airbrush has a cutaway so you can adjust the needle easily, it also has a little screw on the back so you can adjust the maximum distance you can pull the needle back. It's like a little insurance against letting too much paint out the nozzle by accident.

The revolution is a 0.3 nozzle, and it's really decent, for the price I think. There is no cutaway in the handle, and no needle guide at the back.

The Eclipse has a really large nozzle (comes in 0.5 and 0.35) so the smaller cosmetic compressors cannot drive them, however its probably bad to apply makeup at 30psi, so I'd recommend passing on the 0.5 one, the 0.35 is not bad but it still feels to me like it needs more pressure to drive. Let me know if you have luck with this airbrush applying cosmetics.

Overall I think the BR is the best value for the money since an ultra fine spray is not necessary for foundation...but my favorite is the BH. I like the smaller nozzle.

However for spray tanning (just a little on arms and feet for tan lines, if you are doing a whole body you probably need a spray gun) the CH works well because it holds more AND it has a paint cup cap, so you don't accidentally tip the brush over and spill stuff everywhere (speaking from experience >.<)

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