Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Alcone Mixing Palette - Small

I picked up the Alcone Co Mixing palette ( in the small size on my last order of sponges. It's actually quite large.

It's made of clear Lucite, and it comes with blue protective plastic film on both sides. My initial reaction is that the palette is probably machined/cut free hand. I can see little dents and imperfections along the curves. My second reaction is that the edges are raw... By that I mean they have not been edge polished or ground or otherwise sanded down at all! The edges are very rough. Nothing my dremel can't fix with a quick sand/polish, although, for 15$ I'd expect more than a roughly cut piece of plastic.

Besides that, the palette has a very pleasant ergonomic shape and is nicely sized. I probably wouldn't use my metal spatulas to mix on this, but would mostly use it to mix/thin out cremes before applying with a sponge. I prefer to use palettes as a staging ground for my cremes because I don't dip my sponges directly into my pots. I find it more sanitary to put a little dab on my palette with a spatula, work it into the sponge a little bit, and then apply. I'd also use the back of my hand for this process, but I find a palette a little bit nicer, although more of a hassle to clean.

Compared to my stainless steel mixing palette, it's MUCH easier to hold, and I have a firm grip on the palette. It is however too large to fit in my case :P So for now, this gets a spot in my misc basket.

I will add more after I attempt to polish it up with my dremel :)

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